The World in Which We Live

Tam stared out of the window of the galley. There was a quiet bustle behind him as the kitchen staff started to get the first meal on the Ouroboros ready. A few officers mulled around, stomachs rumbling as an international selection of foods were being cooked. Everything from Alban haggis and Gaulic giant snails, to the weird and wonderful creations from the Outer Rims.

It was surprisingly calm. In his brief time here, he had seen many conversations taking place that just 2 years ago would never have happened. Foes and enemies had put aside their differences, their years of conflict, and came together. Of course, every officer and crewman had been vetted and checked and briefed on the seriousness of the mission. Each had been selected with the knowledge that one wrong word in a conversation could trigger and miniature war onboard, not to mention the dire consequences for the rest of the Sector.

Before him, beyond the thick glass window, was the shipyard above the Planet Geneva, which had been the hub for the peace talks in the Sirius Sector. It was the culmination of decades of work, not helped by the forever growing tensions between the nations of the Sector. Representatives from every nation, big and small, had been asked to take part in the Ouroboros programme, and most had come.

The Ouroboros was a sleek and elegant ship, a pinnacle of design that had never been seen in the Sector before. It was reminiscent of a submarine with its cramped interior, packing a lot into a long narrow body.

But the ship was just one piece of the puzzle.

The Sirius Sector lay some 34,000 light years from Earth, and the knowledge of Faster-Than-Light engines was one of the many technologies that had been left behind on Old Earth nearly 800 years ago during the Exodus. The fastest a ship had been recorded travelling in recent times was 340 Clicks – meaning it would take over 1,427 Standard Years to reach the theorised location of Earth.

But that didn’t stop humanity.

Instead, Gründer Industries of the Bund (a Federation of smaller system states) had developed the Hypergate. Jumpgates were common in the Sirius Sector, they were ways of managing and controlling the wormholes that connected the different systems. But a Hypergate was designed to make a wormhole. One that would take the Ouroboros strait to the Alpha Sector, where it was thought that Old Earth lay. That was their plan.

‘Could Commander Quinn please report to his quarters?’ said a computerised voice over the intercom.

Tam downed the rest of his tea and made for the berth deck.

<<OOC – A little short post to roll out some exposition. Maybe not very interesting though. Expect more action soon.

This first couple of posts will be shorter than what I would expect, simply because nothing much is happening yet and it’s helpful to build the world we are leaving behind a little before we leave it>>

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