While Ensign Tanja Neddergard was whisked away to Med Bay, one of the Frankish security men escorted Argain Navarra to the bridge. The other had the unpleasant task of dragging the Highland red hair security officer to what he hoped was the brig and not to some dark corner to be shot.
Everywhere he looked he saw armed people, which he assumed were the mutineers ensuring no one was stepping out of line too much. Here and there he saw a few being heavy handed in their duties.
This was bound to happen. Just surprising that it happen so fast. Too much was happening to the Ouroboros and its crew. First the Storm, then an encounter with what probably was alien technology and now a full blown mutiny.
Most missions and crews would not survive such occurrences. If the Ouroboros crew did manage to survive this trial of fire they would be the stronger for it. Regardless of what direction they chose to take the ship in. If only Tam had listen to him.

"What's your name crewman?" he asked the tall hulk of a man.
"Luc, sir." came the reply
"I want to thank you for what you and your comrade did for us back there." he told the man looking ahead. "Most would have been to scared to bring us in."
"No man left behind, sir! came the proud reply.
"Where are we going?" Navarra asked.
"Overseer Beckett wants a word, sir." came the obvious reply.
As they made their progression through the ship Argain noted that the vessel appeared to be more damaged than before. However he saw no burn marks from weapons discharges or bodies so maybe the mutiny was not to blame for all the chaos he saw.
At least he would not have to worry writing a report on what happened in the alien vessel tonight.

After a few minutes of silence they entered the bridge. First Officer Beckett was in the Captain's chair. He turned as they entered.
The Frankish ensign saluted by clasping his fist against his chest.
"Ah, Lt. Cmdr Navarra. Thank you for joining me." the man said and stood up. Navarra noted his mechanical hand missing the synth flesh.
He did not know much about the individual, the files he had access to were not that extensive.
Anglian Kingdom born and raised, Royal Navy career military man, had seen a fair share of space combat on the Sirius system, expert in tactics and void conflict. And quite the megalomaniac Argain thought if he was already calling himself 'Overseer'.

Beckett's eyes were drawn to the Discharge Thermal Blaster in Navarra's belt.
"I see our crewman thought it safe for you to keep your DTB?" he asked with a strange grin looking at Luc.
"Judging by the number of armed crew I saw, one more DTB won't make much of a difference..." he tried to keep his tone cordial and leveled.
Beckett dismissed the security crewman with a wave of his arm and returned to his chair. Navarra followed keeping a discreet eye on the activities of the bridge crew and noted that some were dressed in soft blue uniforms.
He stood close to Beckett who looked straight ahead into the vid feed.
"Former acting captain Tam was relieved of his duties." Navarra sensed the hatred and utter disdain when he pronounced the name.
"We could not allow the folly of continuing with the mission of finding Earth." he said looking at Argain. "We are stranded 17,000 light years from the Sirius system. It makes no sense that we would choose or even entertain the notion of continuing with a mission that was suppose to last only weeks."
Navarra could not disagree entirely.
"In a situation such as this it makes more tactical sense to return to previous known coordinates than to press forwards, when we are not actually sure where Earth is exactly located." Argain conceded.

Beckett grinned again. The action did not suit him. Something about his face did not look natural. ~Probably more cybernetic implants.~ he thought.
The Overseer pulled out a padd from the side of his command chair.
"I found this in my ready room. I assume you have supplied it to Tam or even the late Henriette?"
Navarra recognized it immediately. The Tisha B'Av scenario he had presented Tam a few days after the catastrophic exit from hyperspace.
Argain nodded.
"I have not had the chance to read it completely but from what I saw, you make assumptions and present hypothesis, based on a scenario such as the one we are faced with?"
Argain nodded again.
"I informed Tam at the time of my conclusions..." he ensured he did not refer to the man as Captain any longer. Beckett had a monstrous ego, he could already tell.
"That he should assert control immediately over the situation. To implement a new chain of command. That factions were bound to emerge very rapidly among the crew. Those that agreed with Tam and those that wished to turn our resources to finding a way back to the Sirius system."
Beckett nodded sagely.
"However I must confess I was surprised it happened so quickly..." Navarra concluded.
"Our hand was forced. An extremely sophisticated virus infected the ship's system a few hours ago causing mass damage. The AI was disabled in the process and we have not been able to purge it yet." he told Navarra looking at the info contained in the padd as if measuring its value and that of the man in standing in front of him.
"No one better equipped onboard that some command head from the Kalmar Union, I would suppose." Navarra offered sensing his worth to the cause was being weighted.

Beckett nodded. He had teams searching for Ambassador Vidar and his cohorts.
Before both man could say anything else two men entered the bridge dragging a third with a bruised and bloody face.
Beckett stood up.
"Who is that? Where is Burman?" the two men looked at one another in confusion.
"He gave us this agitator. He said he would see you when he located his new office space."
Navarra suppressed a grin. The balls on that man.
"He has quite a bit of support among the engineering crew..." the other quickly added.
Beckett nodded. "Oh he does, does he?" he said and pulled his Blaster from his holster, shooting the agitator on the chest. All eyes turned to the man who dropped dead on the floor.
"Get Burman here in the next 20 minutes. I don't care how many people you have to kill. Seal them off and cut of their air if you have to. But I want him in my office NOW!!!!!" he ordered as the men quickly left.

Beckett turned to Navarra.
"As I was saying, we took control of the armory. We control most guns in the ship. Most military personal supports the New Ouroboros initiative and our goal to return home. We have the support of the Hellenic Mycenae Oligarchy forces, the Al-Magar Dictatorship and Frankish Totalitarian Junta commandos." he stated very proud of having put such a coalition together so quickly. Navarra wondered immidiately how long such an alliance of such warmongering and militaristic characters would last.

"And we are in need of a Senior Tactical Officer. My duties as Overseer will require my attentions elsewhere." he said looking at Navarra with his grey metallic eyes.
"If I can't perform those duties, who better than Bloodhawk Navarra?" the attempt at flattery was too forced. Beckett did not think anyone else to be is equal. But he could see the benefits of having someone like Argain at his side.
Navarra was nothing if not adaptable and fluid under pressure. He saluted with his fist against his chest.

Beckett returned to the command chair.
"I want a report in the next 12 hours of your assessment on our current situation and how to tackle dissident voices aboard." Navarra nodded. "Oh and I want a report on what happened on that alien vessel and what danger Ensign Tanja Neddergard might pose to this vessel." and he was dismissed with a wave of the arm.
It seemed he was not getting away from writing that report after all.

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