Two Sides of the Same Coin

Tam lent with his arms resting through the bars of his cell door. His jacket was lying on his bed, and he had his sleeves rolled up to above his elbow.

Had he gone wrong?

Had it been his decision to continue the mission, his command style, or a combination of both? He knew that the mission should continue, the Ouroboros should reach Earth. But had he misjudged his responsibilities as Captain?
Tam wasn’t sure.

But he was certain there would be time to mull over his failings at some later date. Although he would hopefully not leave it to the last minute, as Beckett was sure to put a stop to any and all thinking he would be doing in the near future.

Perhaps there would be a way to retake the ship?

Maybe. If he broke out, or if someone broke him out for him, he could gather support and lead a mutiny of his own. He would need to sway the crew to his side, of course. Would that be difficult?
Tam wasn’t sure.

The question of if he should, remained however.

Was there any point in taking the ship back? Tam didn’t think he had done a bad job as Captain. Maybe some would say that there are people out there who might have done a better job, but he didn’t do a bad job. The crew were fed, watered, and as safe as he could have made them. But were they happy?
Tam wasn’t sure.

While Tam did contemplate his situation, there was a series of bangs from beyond the doorway. He heard a body slump to the floor, and the door swung open. Through it stepped a woman dressed in the security uniform. She holstered her weapon and approached the cell door.

‘Captain,’ she said, ‘Or, is it simple Mister, now?’

‘Commander is fine,’ corrected Tam, leading his face closer through the bars, ‘Officer Suarez, is it?’

‘Yessir,’ said Ophelia, resisting the urge to throw her hand up in salute, ‘I wanted to ask you some questions…’

‘Then I hope you are quick about it,’ said Tam as he nodded to the camera staring down at them from the corner of the ceiling. Down the hall way outside the door came the soft humming sound of one of the security robots.

Overseer Beckett sat in the Captain’s chair on the bridge. Behind him was a large banner that had been hastily painted by one of his followers. It carried their symbol, the Ouroboros clenched by the metallic hand. A bit superfluous, of course, but symbols were good for inspiring people.

What was next?

The Ouroboros was still stationary for the moment. The shuttle crew were collecting any supplies that they could from when the cargo bay doors opened. Of course, when the cargo was returned, it would be returned to Beckett’s control. And then it would be onwards back home. Back to King and Country, where the Ouroboros would be turned over to His Majesty, King Elizabeth XII.
Beckett was sure.

What should he do with Tam?
The noble thing would be to keep him imprisoned, take him back for trial. But what was nobility out here in deep space? It was a concept that would need to be forgotten. No, Tam would be executed. That would smother any dissidence among the crew.
Beckett was sure.

‘Aah,’ said Beckett as he saw Navarra approach his chair, ‘Those reports are ready I see?’

<<OOC – A bit of a short post, but hopefully it pushes the story along a little. Everyone feel free to hatch your own plans for life under Beckett. What is his command like?>>

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