Argain stood in front of Overseer Beckett and handed him two data pads. The dark rings under his eyes spoke of his tiredness.

"My report about what happened aboard the alien vessel is ready, Overseer." He started to inform Beckett. "The Science department has analyzed some of the bio fluid we brought back and confirm it's not human." he let the words sink. Proof that humankind was not alone among the starts.
"The DNA strands are unlike anything we have ever seen. Six types of nucleobases, encoding biological information across chromosomes consisting of approximately 620 million base pairs."Beckett's face showed no sign of change or excitement about the discovery.
"The vessel itself is worth further study. We believe that coupled with the beacon we found we could actually decipher this language. The propulsion system and power sources could also be of extreme use to us."
Beckett nodded. "What do you suggest?"
"Well that will depend on our next course of action. The Ouroboros is in need of repairs. There is a nearby system that our damaged propulsion system could take us to." Navarra said.
"The long range scans we took when we crashed out of hyperspace, detected two class J gas giants and a couple of moons. Could make for a good place to bring the Ouroboros back to full operational status." his eyes were drawn quickly to the banner with the metal fist choking the serpent.
Beckett nodded looked at all details contained in the data pad and the proposal to tow the alien vessel along to high orbit of one of the planets while repairs took place.
"What about Ensign Neddegard?" he asked
"She appears to be in a deep sleep. Her synapse activity indicates that something very strange is happening to her mind. Our physicians believe she is only alive because of the nano organisms in her system. She poses no threat currently and remains in quarantine."
Argain wanted this to be over with as soon as possible and moved on to the tactical situation of the ship as he saw it.

To be continued in Report II...

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