Report II

Navarra carried on with his report.
"The situation aboard the vessel appears stable. Mainly because we control the armory and majority of the military personal onboard appears to be happy to go along with the change of command." he paused before giving Beckett some bad news.
"Of the ship's security contingent 12 crew members loyal to Tam Quinn are in the brig with him and 6 are unaccounted for." he saw Beckett's face twitch with displeasure.
"No sign of the Kalmar cohorts or ambassador Hult. Search teams are still looking." he moved on quickly to other matters.
"Propulsion is back online but extensive repairs are needed to the Ion Drive. Back up systems brought command and tactical back online but looking at the virulent code that infected the mainframe the tech team believe that any attempt to back up the AI might result in its permanent erasure."
Beckett grunted displeased.
"Any idea on where it came from?" the Overseer asked.
Navarra shrugged.
"Some in the science department believe the virus was dormant inside the system and was probably uploaded before our departure from the Sirius system." this had only reinforced Navarra's suspicions that the mission had been sabotaged before launch.
"Until further repairs are made I suggest sealing decks 5 to 9, switch off life support and divert power to other essential systems mainly propulsion. Scans indicate that most of the vented supplies are completely destroyed or useless. We might need to start looking into ways to replenish what we lost"
Beckett stood up and started to pace the length of the ready room.

"My final suggestion would be to quickly move and ensure you get the support the civilian crew. The incident with Alex Burman can cause us unwanted issues in engineering. As will having to keep imprisoning crew into the brig." Navarra suggested but failed to mention to Beckett he had found footage of Alex Burman's actions during the decompression of the cargo bays.
"Dissidents will be executed." Beckett said viciously. "Starting with Tam. I will make an example of him and the others."
Navarra hesitated before offering his suggestion. Beckett did not look like the kind of man that liked being told he was wrong.
"It is going to be a long journey home. Executing 30 or 40 crew members now would be catastrophic for morale in the long run. We would be better off exiling those that do not wish to return home or serve the New Ouroboros, on the first biome capable of supporting life we encounter."
Beckett stared at Navarra considering his words.
"Who knows how long that would be?" Beckett asked. "It would be a waste of our resources to keep these people fed if they are not helping with the mission."
Navara nodded.
"Dismissed." Beckett told him.
Navarra left the ready room went to his quarters.He needed some sleep.

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