Exit, Pursued by Security Bots

The way down to the brig was mostly clear, much to Ophelia’s relief. She had to take out a couple of New Ouroboros goons, both stim free, thankfully, and she tucked them away. She was going down a dangerous road, once the New Ouroboros group caught a glimpse of her in the cameras, they would be after her. And to think the whole mission involved staying on the down-low.

But she made it perfectly fine and reached the brig unscathed, not counting the bruises she had gotten from the doped up Anglian.


While Tam did contemplate his situation, there was a series of bangs from beyond the doorway. He heard a body slump to the floor, and the door swung open. Through it stepped a woman dressed in the security uniform. She holstered her weapon and approached the cell door.

‘Captain,’ she said, ‘Or, is it simple Mister, now?’

‘Commander is fine,’ corrected Tam, leading his face closer through the bars, ‘Officer Suarez, is it?’

‘Yessir,’ said Ophelia, resisting the urge to throw her hand up in salute, ‘I wanted to ask you some questions…’

‘Then I hope you are quick about it,’ said Tam as he nodded to the camera staring down at them from the corner of the ceiling. Down the hallway outside the door came the soft humming sound of one of the security robots.


She glanced to where the humming was coming from and then back at the Commander, looking over all of the cells, noticing there were several people locked, up, probably for supporting Tam. At least they weren’t dead, although it would probably be coming soon. One cell occupant startled her, and she did a double take. Burman. The money man, as she had heard it, and the man who had sent some poor SOB down to New Ouroboros HQ for execution.

And look where he had ended up.

She wasn’t one to laugh at the misfortune of others, nor was she one to wish misfortune upon them; she held the belief that what you wished on others would be brought on you sooner or later. And Mr. Burman was a perfect example. Despite that belief, she couldn’t help but snort, turning away from the cell. She wouldn’t wish him misfortune, but she wouldn’t stop it either.

The humming from the security bot had grown louder, and she moved towards the door, waiting until it burst open before shooting a small shock charge, enough to cause it to short out. Despite herself, she actually felt a little sorry for it, it was technically just doing its job, it just happened to be in the way at the same time.

More would be coming, though and she fished the keys out of her pocket, unlocking most of the doors, except for Burman’s, and practically shoving the occupants out of the room. It wasn’t polite, but Ophelia wasn’t put on the ship because she was “polite”. She did give them a few of the weapons she had stolen, not wanting to send them out defenseless. They were going to need to find safety, but she didn’t have the time to coddle them.

She turned to the Commander again, starting to talk as she unlocked the door. “I need to know everything about this New Ouroboros shit. Who’s running the show, who they’ve involved, everything.” The Commander opened his mouth, and Ophelia got the sense he was going to ask about credentials. And if he wasn’t, it probably would be a good idea to have at least one person aware of her job. “I’m Dr. Suárez, I was picked by the LAC to serve as an… information collector. To obtain Old-Earth technology for the LAC and to officially determine if the LAC would benefit from a similar trip. I’m getting way more than what I bargained for, but I think we all are.”

The Commander seemed… less than thrilled with the information, but started talking, much to her relief. “The, showrunner, as you said, would be Oliver Beckett. He used to captain the HMS Galahad, and it came into contact with the ship I captained, we dueled, and I came out triumphant.”

A grudge, then, and an ugly one. Although it wasn’t just a grudge that had pushed him to organize a coup so fast. Something just felt off, it wasn’t right. How had this been organized so fast? It had to have been planned beforehand, there really hadn’t been enough time to pull something like this off. “Alright then. That does help.” She lowered her voice a little in asking her next question, “I also need to know if you have any knowledge of smuggling on the ship.”

The Commander did look surprised at that. “Smuggling?”

She nodded. “Stims. One of the New Ouroboros assholes I took down had taken some sort of stim, packed twice the punch and took well over twice the time to take out. I’m wondering if this is something that the one man did, or if it’s been brought on board in bulk somehow and New Ouroboros soldiers are doping up. Do you know of any places on the ship, cargo bay aside, where something could be hidden? I have every intention of searching the man’s room, but if it’s widespread, then it would make sense for stimulants to be hidden somewhere else.”

Once again, she heard the humming of security bots, although it sounded like there were several now, and she cursed, gesturing for the Commander to follow out of the exit. She had no idea what she would do after this, what her plan was, but right now she wanted to know just how premeditated this whole shitshow was.

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