Alex made good use of his time in confinement systematically plotting the slow death of every member of the infernal crew one by one. A few of his fellow prisoners called out to him but he had no desire to engage in conversation. Especially given that most of what they had to say was highly derogatory.

There was a commotion outside. Some kind of struggle going on. Alex shuffled to the rear of his cell not wanting to get involved. One thing he knew for sure, the cell in which he sat was probably the safest place on the ship right now and he wanted above all things to be safe and stay alive. If a jail break was occurring that would mean fighting and if Tams side lost Alex would simply be thrown straight back in the brig, or worse he would be shot, and if Tam were successful? Well Alex had stood up to the Anglian usurper and surely they would free him and maybe even allow him to return to his duties. They might even reward him somehow for his efforts in rallying the engineers against the dreaded Overseer! Yes that was it, he would be a hero.

He wondered absently about the engineers. The plan had failed and they would be besieged now by Becketts men. He shrugged the thought off, it was not like he was responsible for them, they had made their own choices... and besides why hadn't they rescued him from this place? Idiots, he hoped Beckett shot the lot of them.

He wondered what kind of reward Tam would give him?

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