Navarra watched as Beckett left the medbay talking into his aud-band after hearing that Tam and the others had escaped. Rage pouring from his voice.
He did not blame him. 30 odd prisoners managed to escape the brig in less than a couple of days? He guess stims made you stronger but stupider as well.

The two goons were holding him in tight but Navarra had enough. This was the second time he tried to remain impartial and advice two men in charge of the vessel. All he cared about was to bring stability to the mission. Without stability they would not survive the out here, half way between their home and their destination. But both times he had been ignored and dismissed idly. No longer. Someone needed to take control of this situation immediately. Less than a week into the disaster with the Hypergate and already they were fighting amongst themselves like dogs for scraps.

One of the doctors was starting administrate the stims to the other 8 crewmen in medbay.
Navarra threw his hand sharply backwards against the man on the right. He felt the nose break. It did not matter how strong you were or how many drugs you had coursing through your system. A broken nose was always painful and brought tears to your eyes. The man released his right arm and held his bloody face. A thin long needle like blade, appeared in Argain's hand in a flash and he stabbed the security officer on the left through his eye piercing his brain. He was dead before he hit the deck.
Navarra stabbed the man with the broken nose in the jugular. Dark arterial blood sprayed through the air stainning the bright white walls of med bay.
Three heart beats. It was all it took him. He pulled his Discharge Thermal Blaster from his holster and shot the first two soldiers who tried rush him in the face.
The rest vacillated, unsure what to do next, sitting in the beds. Pondering if they could rush Navarra before he could shot them dead. The odds did not look good. The blood from the man he stabbed in the throat covered his face and uniform giving him a demonic appearance. The face of War.

It was the moment of hesitation he needed. Barking like a man possessed he ordered them all to their knees and proceeded to execute all six with blasts to their skull to the horror and shock of the medics nearby. He ignored their pale faces and fear. He needed to move quickly. The sound of the blasters would have been heard by someone. And Beckett would soon check for an update on his new Tactical Officer's condition.
Grabbing a couple of weapons and looking one last time at Ensign Neddergard he left med-bay. He still was not sure why Beckett thought she would be a bargaining chip against him. He had only known her for a week. She was on her own now.

Walking down the corridor Argain Navarra started to formulate a plan. The last few hours had given him access to Beckett's patrols deployment and he was sure he could avoid them for a little while. He headed deeper into the ship like a blood soaked wraith hungry for more violence.

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