Alex listened to the broadcast from Beckett and shook his head. When they had returned under Tams orders and sprung him from his cell, he had thought briefly of remaining there. It was not like he could do much good out here, he was an accountant for gods sake! Now sat in that small room he felt more helpless that ever... no not helpless that was not it... cornered, he felt cornered that was it.

He was stuck on the loosing side with no way of switching allegiance. He realised he had misjudged Beckett, he was used to dealing with men of reason, men with a sense of fair play. Like dear old Tam. Competent yes, and well meaning, but he lacked the hunger for command. Where as Beckett had that in spades, the trouble was he had the feeling that Beckett could not be manipulated. In fact he had a bruise on the side of his head that confirmed as much.

So what to do, Tam or Beckett? He stood up the thought still half formed in his mind and turned to leave the room.

"Where are you going?" Ophelia asked, suspicion thick in her voice. She was still not happy with the groups decision to go back for him.

"I need to use the facilities." he said.

"There are no facilities down here." she replied.

"Fine, fine if you want me to be blunt then I am going to find a dark corner and piss in it, I am bursting."

"Do not be long." said Tam and Alex smiled.

"I do not intend to hang about." he replied and with that he slipped out into the corridor. As soon as he was a safe distance from the door he started to run. He had to get to engineering. He needed to see if any of the useless bastards were holding out against Becketts men.

He had decided at last who's side he was on. His own.

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