Action favors the bold

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Argain Navarra reached Engineering some hours after the confrontation in med bay. By using closed off sections of the ship and maintenance conduits he avoided detection by most of Beckett's patrols. He ensured he got rid of his aud-band so he could not be traced. It was slow going and several time he had been spotted. More bodies left in his bloody wake. The plan was to get to the one place in the ship required for the success of any faction that rose in the Ouroboros. Beckett would have some guards keeping an eye on things down there but he could not just start killing the one group of people everyone actually needed to keep the vessel floating and conduct the repairs need for the completion of his mission. Regardless of which way they decided to go.

Alex on the other hand was not quite so discrete in his journey to engineering.
Bare minutes after leaving Tam and his companions he turned a corner to run directly into the path of one of Beckett's patrols. The Anglians were almost inhuman in the speed at which they overtook and overpowered the startled accountant and he soon found himself being marched through the ship towards what would most likely be a fatal confrontation with their Overseer.
At first Alex tried to talk his way out of the situation but his words were met with stoic silence and then after a few minutes a punch to the ribs gave him the clear message that he should shut the hell up.

"Dont know why Beckett didn't kill you after the shit you pulled on the bridge." One of them growled, a fox faced man with wild eyes.

"Perhaps we should just off him now and save the boss the trouble." the shorter of the two piped in, his thick black eyebrows closing together with menace.

"He.. needs me alive." Alex managed raising his hands,

"Oh yeah why's that?" said fox face slapping his hands back down and pointing a weapon at Alex.

"Do it Gellar." urged his companion.

Geller took aim and then fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes a metal bar jutting out from the back of his skull. The other guard looked down and turned just in time to get a metal bar in the gut as Stokes stepped out of the shadows with his Bolt gun in hand. He snapped another metal projectile into place and grinned at Alex.

"Mr Burman, it is good to see you whole, grab a weapon and follow me."

Alex did as he was told, awkwardly prying a thermal rifle from Gellars hands. The two men were running with Stokes leading the way. The engineering bay was guarded, but Stokes being Stokes knew a way in and out that avoided the four goons. Soon enough Alex was safe and sound amongst "his people". He could not believe his luck.

Navarra found Ambassador Vidar Hult and two of his cohorts near the lower decks close to the life support main frames. Without them he could have not taken down the security contingent keeping an eye on the department so easily.
The engineers threw up a loud cheer when the 4 men took down their would be jailers and before you knew it there he was Alex Burman, positioning himself again to claim he had master minded the whole situation, to ensure his support around these parts was maintained.
Before he could say anything to the assembled men Navarra step into their midst. Some men stepped back shocked at seeing his facade covered in dried blood.

"Mr.Burman. A word in private please. We do not have much time before more forces come our way." Navarra asked and waited for Alex to follow.

Alex looked warily around at Navarra and his companions and then back to the engineers, they looked back expectantly and Stokes gave him a nod of encouragement. How dare he, after letting him go off and face Beckett like that, true they all thought Alex was a bloody hero from the old tales now and Stokes chief amongst them, but they had let him down and he would not forget that quickly.
He did not see a choice in it however, and a glance towards Vidar Hult made the decision for him, the man unnerved him. He stepped aside with Navarra until the others were safely out of earshot.

"Well what is it?" he asked in hushed tones.

Navarra handed him a data padd. Alex looked at him cryptically but took it. Once he saw what it contained his face actually went sickly white.
"I wish I could appeal to your sense of honour and duty but your actions so far have only point that your only duty is to yourself." Navarra started looking t Alex.

"However I personally do not blame you for what is in that file. When death beckons we all do what we most to survive."

"What do you want?" Alex asked in venom dripping from his voice.

"What I want is for you to make yourself useful and help us take control of this situation. If we do not step in now Tam and Beckett are going to get us all killed." Navarra looked around at the engineering crew and Alex's twisted features.

"We are very far away from the boardrooms of the Treelhaw Industries but you have a chance to help us all survive. Its time you start looking past your own bellybutton Mr. Burman. None of us can hope to survive if we do not start helping one another."

"I was with Tam and his followers not so long back," Alex said after a long pause, "I can tell you where they are, or better still you can lead Beckett to them and while they fight each other..."

"Burman you are piece of work, but I need more than information from you. I have deleted the security fed from the cargo bay and the record of your actions that led to that woman's death after she saved you. You have one of two copies in your hands. Look at it as a token of trust." Navarra told Alex but knew the man could only see it as blackmail.

"Once this situation is resolved I will give you the other copy. But for now we need your help to shut this down and take over this ship."
Navarra waited for Alex's reply hoping that he could see that he could actually be a force for stability in this conflict and in the long journey ahead.

Alex stared back at the engineers, screw them, they let him get captured. He could talk them into helping Navarra and this time he would keep out of harms way until it was all settled.

"We will help, the thermal dampening fields are still in effect on the bridge so if you can make it there with ballistic weapons you can overpower Beckett's command, and if he is off fighting Tam on the lower decks..."

"Are you sure you are just an accountant Burman?" Navarra asked grinning "Keep that in mind in the days ahead. You could bring much to this vessel if you just think survival and instead of short term gains."

"I am the financial director for special projects." Alex corrected him, causing Navarra to laugh and shake his head.

"What you are Mr Burman is a vicious son of bitch, now let's do this. We need vicious sons of bitches if we are going to pull this off without all of us dying." Navarra said and they left to talk to Stokes and Vidar Hult. The Kalmar Unionist had their part to play to.

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