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Summary: I am surrounded by death, and I have not seen Hel yet. Alas, it seems this is subject to change...


Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: None Player Characters




Trickster Rogue


Chaotic Good

Physical Appearance

Garand has a lanky, yet unimposing frame. Despite his nature as a Half-Elf, he appears ungracefully tall, however not exceeding the range of expected height for his race. Wears a torn and ragged cloak that obscures most of his body.

Personality and interests

Garand is quiet and doesn't speak terribly often, but is very observant and always willing to learn. He is self-conscious of his dark past and dislikes talking about it, however, he feels that being honest is important in setting him apart from the common riff-raff in this dark world. He never cared much about the blood ties of the Gods, but now that they all are supposedly dead, he would like to know a bit more about who's who and what's what.


He was exiled from his Elvish order when it was discovered that his blood was mixed, he was 11 at the time. He soon learned to survive in the wilds, and strangely developed an affinity for psionic magics. He began to travel to cities and study such magics to further understand his abilities. He was mugged once and used his powers to fend off the bandits. He incapacitated them and then requested to join them. In dire need of a mage, they obliged. Garand used them to gain access to better weaponry and never seemed to have any qualms about their less than humane practices.

Starting Equipment

Lucky cloak

Simple leather clothing

Pretty silver ring


Ounce'o Jerky


Special Skills

He gains psionic energy in a very psycho-vampiric manner, by leeching on the emotional energy of others, either through pain or intense anger. Can psionically stun his opponents, move small objects, numb himself or others from pain or heal himself or allies. Extensive use of these abilities causes him to bleed from his nose, which will eventually lead to unconsciousness.

Has decent enough experience with using light blades.

Has been accredited for being capable of understanding new things at an astonishingly quick pace.

Darkest Secret

Garand feels regret and remorse for the lives that he has taken, even more so for the fact that, at the moment, taking those lives felt so damn good. Nevertheless, he thinks of himself as a monster, one who can only be tamed by himself, and thus he has taken on a sort of monkish lifestyle to avoid allowing such horrid things to take place again.

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Image of Garand
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