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Image of Amdir and Naurfast

Summary: A icy wind blows from the north, and death rides upon it.

Amdir and Naurfast

Gender: Both are Female

Age: Amdir is 30/ Naurfast is 10

Group: People of Midgard


Human and Winter Wolf


Wolf Rider


Neutral Good

Physical Appearance

Height: 6' 0" tall
Weight: 155' lbs, all of it muscle
Hair: long straw blond in cornrows with beads woven in throughout
Eyes: Has only one, which is brown

Amdir's appearance is striking, both because she rides a large wolf, and because of the eye she lost long ago during combat with a frost giant. She has several tattoos that adorn her skin and painted markings on her face that mark her as a tribal warrior. Besides her armor, Amdir wears a white fur cape

Length: 8 feet
Height at shoulders: 4.5 feet
Weight: 450 lbs

Appears to be a much larger and more powerful version of a grey wolf. Has multiple red markings on her fur indicating her tribal ownership.

Personality and interests

Wolf riders generally have a reputation as uncouth, uncivilized warriors and barbarians who are given a wide berth by the wise. Amdir has been treated no differently by the people of the south-lands and is her isolation compounded by her opinion and general attitude her people are superior to the “sheep” of the civilized lands. Above all, Amdir respects strength, and skill, even if she doesn't agree with the owner. She is also an honorable person, her word is her bond and her customs demand hospitality to strangers. She can be jovial around the camp fire, telling stories, but strangely does not drink alcohol.

Naurfast: Naurfast was raised by Amdir from a puppy and has served as her battle companion, mount and closest companion for many years. The two are all but inseparable. Winter wolves are far larger, stronger and more intelligent than the average wolf, and Naurfast is smarter than most of her species. While she still has the general characteristics and needs of a large wolf, she is utterly loyal and subservient to her master. The two communicate through a language all their own comprised of body language, gestures, and verbal communication.


A stranger in a strange land, Amdir has wandered what she calls “the southlands” for the past few years, generally living as a mercenary. Amdir is from a tribe of nomadic, taiga wandering wolf riders. Her tribe in particular had a long standing feud with the frost giants of the north, and Amdir lost an eye at a young age during one of the endless battles between the two peoples. She often replays the fight in her nightmares.

Starting Equipment

Light leather armor
Riding saddle and related equipment

Claws, teeth, and fur.

Special Skills

Amdir is immune to cold and has the ability to form and dismiss simple weapons, shields and armor made of ice for herself to use. It is taxing, which limits how much she can create, and is why she carries normal weapons. These objects are as strong as their normal versions, but any weapons deliver additional damage from cold. Amdir prefers to use her ability to form a shield or javelins during combat. Amdir can also coat the blade of her sword with ice for additional cold damage. This is less taxing on her and she normally does this before entering combat.

Amdir is a highly trained warrior and tracker. She can fight in melee or mounted combat in coordination with Naurfast.

Naurfast is also immune to cold. She can breath a 15' cone of freezing cold, and causes cold damage every time she bites an opponent.

Naurfast is adept at tracking through her sense of smell and can see well in low-light

Darkest Secret

Amdir accidentally killed her younger brother in a drunken rage. Rather than face tribal justice, which would have meant her death, she and Naurfast fled. Because of the terrible circumstances behind her self-imposed exile, Amdir refuses to speak about why she left, and says little about her tribal life outside of her stories. It is also why she no longer imbibes any intoxicating beverages.

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Image of Amdir and Naurfast
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