"ASK DRAGON TO HEAT LAKE! Then it not so cold!" suggested the Dwarf as he splashed through the shallows of the lake.

Balar looked up to the Dwarf and then glanced into the sky, "I am not sure the dragon can hear us right now."

He looked back down at Tiella, willing the magic of the lake to take effect. A sudden sharp crack of exploding glass caused him to look up. It was the strange jar of light that Kespin had been nursing since their journey through Hel. Some sort of eldritch keep sake he had presumed.

The Jar had shattered and a bright light was shooting upwards into the sky after the man and dragon. The sudden noise had startled the Raven which flew to perch atop Luna's outstretched hand. Balar shook his head at the sight and pushed the distractions from his mind as he returned his attention to Tiella.


Níðhöggr roared in agony as a burst of power shot through Kespin. A bright light had struck the man and for a moment he had shone as bright as the sun burning the dragons rotten flesh and blinding his eyes.

“Well now, this is a sight. Who knew I could do that?” the little man said just before the Dragon released him. If the little creature survived the fall he would face the last and most dangerous of tests. Already Níðhöggr could feel the bindings of his curse loosening and his spirit strained against the rotten corpse that held it fast.

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