Trials and Revivals

The witch gave Theo a very unpleasant feeling. She was gorgeous for sure, but he sensed that it was a mere illusion.
“No. Lucky for me the dead stay dead once I kill them.”
In case she was trying to pry into his personal life, he kept his response literal.
The warrior seemed to be on a fools quest to save his loved one, something Theo truly could not relate to. She was a half-elf, one of the most sickening creatures to live.
The jotun did the same with the dwarf, who looked....dead.
He idly looked skyward to see how the old man was doing, only to see him falling.
“Well, it would seem the fool failed in his fight.”
Reaching for his bow, he nocked an arrow in case the dragon decided to attack.
Maniacal laughter filled the air as Kespin fell, enjoying the thrill of the energy coursing through him.
As he turned to face the ground, a serious look came over him as he simply righted himself in air and slowed his descent. Already falling at a fast speed, it wasn’t the most graceful landing as he stumbled head over heel, but he was alive.
Gradually getting back on his feet, Kespin looked to the others and then back in the air. He felt different, more attached to the world.
“Come Nidhoggr! My final test awaits.”
Dyvia had long ago resigned herself to the darkness. She was weak and tired.
Ghosts from her past swarmed her mind, with Harlequin’s never ending laughter just adding to the torment.
In the dark, a shimmer was felt. Like a ripple on water. Then the shimmer exploded into light as she fought for air.
Still in Erik’s hand, she coughed up water and phlegm for a few minutes before groggily looking around. Not only had more people appeared, but Tiella was dead and Theo was calmly chilling with the witch?
“Erik. Please tell me this is another nightmare.”
Hearing the dwarf speak was the biggest blessing they had been given thus far, bringing a smile to the jotuns face.
“Sadly no, welcome back.”
Giving a small smile, Dyvia was surprised that she wasn’t exhausted, but decided bot to question it.
What she did question was the dragon in the sky.
“What is that about? Is he waiting for our turn to attack?”
Kespin tumbling to the earth and challenging the dragon answered the question best.

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