Fang and Spirit

The speed and ferocity of the attack left Kespin breathless, falling to his knees in agony. The veins in his neck bulged as he fought for air with a punctured lung and venom ravaging his body and spirit.
So much for all that new power
A small twitch to the corner of his mouth was the only indication to the madness enveloping him. Otherwise he remained laying on the ground struggling to gain control of his limbs.
You must stand
The voice.... the one from the tunnel. It now filled his head as if to fight the insanity, his vision going white and a strained yell coming from him.
For the sake of your friends, stand up! You damned fool!
It spoke with hate in its voice, though what Kespin had done to offend it he couldn’t think of. He couldn’t think of much at the moment really.
Know your true nature. It is your only salvation against the wurms venom
His vision slowly returned as the light condensed in his mind to the wisp he had carried.
Its presence was soothing, a warm glow to the chaos that sought his demise.
Say your name
The command was odd, but he wouldn’t argue.
NO! That is the name of the shell you once wore. Remember your past
Near the now dead firepit, the journal guarded by the mad mage Kespin began wildly flipping open, pages once filled to the brim with nonsense and symbols becoming blank.
As the last page turned, it simply crumbled into dust.
Another bright flash and Kespin jerked his body in his agony, trying to concentrate even though his ears were a cacophony of ringing.
The prison of both spirit and mind are broken. Know your true nature
He could feel thoughts flooding his mind, memories and knowledge that mystified him.
“ Mimir.”
Erik moved to defend Kespin with Balar, not sure of their fate yet unwilling to let more die.
Dyvia waited on the shores of the lake, crouched near Tiella in shock and disbelief.
So much had happened while she had been locked within her own tortured psyche.
Theo waited to see what would happen with this idiotic attempt to attack, preferring to stay by Cali in case he needed to run.
The new form Kespin wore suddenly erupted in blue flames, the twitching and pained moans ceasing as he slowly rose.
Wiping spit from his mouth with an exhausted expression, the old man stared at Nidhoggr.
“Your venom will not claim my soul nor my life. We are bound.”

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