Nice Rack on the Dead Woman

<<Theo: “No. Lucky for me the dead stay dead once I kill them.”>>

“You are probably happier believing that, mercenary, but the truth of such a claim is always changing. I see the dead around you even now. I wonder what safeguard you have that shields you from their wrath; for they are terribly wroth to see you. I wonder if it would be transferable…” Cali had to admit a peaceful night’s sleep sounded nice. As it were she only found relief from the haunting spirits when she succumbed to exhaustion - thus the heavy and recurrent fuckery she sought each night. That and she had been alone in the snow-covered north for decades. Caligari was remarkably well adjusted if one considered things in the proper light.

<<Dyvia waited on the shores of the lake, crouched near Tiella in shock and disbelief.>>

“It hardly seems fair, does it Dwarf,” Cali knelt down, still wrapped in the heavy blanket that Olin placed on her shoulders. She ran a hand along Dyvia’s thighs and prodded at the woman’s lower gut. “No pain? The waters have saved your life where I doubt my touch could. I am curious about the state of affairs down there.” Cali raised an eyebrow. “You do not know? Go on, take a peek. I had to cut you open wide to make room for the twins you carried. I’ll admit the stitch work afterwards was not some of my best. It’s much easier working with the dead; they don’t bleed as you did. For such a short stature you have an awful lot of blood and entrails.” Cali patted Dyvia harshly on the abdomen then leaned over to peak at the exposed bosom of the half-elf. “She on the other hand, is beautiful even in death with a gaping hole in her chest. It’s unfair that you should berth evil into the world and live while she loses her life taking that evil from this world. But life was never fair.”

Cali stood up and moved aside as the Raven landed on Tiella’s chest. “Such a greedy bird. Go catch your own meat.” But something transpired between the Raven and Tiella’s corpse, something Cali was sure the others could not see even had they been looking on properly. There was a soul in motion. The witch squinted and caressed the talisman around her neck. She opened her mouth to comment, but things were moving right along. The dragon and Kespin seemed to have concluded their confrontation. The firestorm and ground shaking had come to an end at any rate. It wasn’t that Cali didn’t care, she cared very much. She just felt the dragon had the better odds of victory and it would have been cruel to mention such a thing. She also wished the dragon to remain bound to the realms of death - the realms she hoped to rule - so setting him free did not serve her purposes.

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