Truth and Rest

With a moment of calm, Erik looked to Tiella. It was good to have two more of the old crew back.
“Tiella, it brings me joy to see you revived. May your second wind bring you good fortune.”
He knew it sounded formal, but he didn’t care as he finally let his body relax.
Dyvia looked uneasily at the crew, the way they moved without orders and the fact they were draugr kept her alert. It was a nice distraction though from the storm in her head.
Hearing Dim and his booming introduction, she looked him over. A well built dwarf for sure, massive in size and muscle, but she couldn’t get past his voice. It was clear that his forge wasn’t fully heated.
It made her think of Radis again, he had been so quiet and reserved compared to his blundering brute.
With his duel complete and his mind restored, Mimir put distance between himself and the group. Breathing deep and concentrating, he tried the spell again and groaned as it once more failed.
Opening his eyes, a tired and sorrowful look came over him as the true depth of his position came into view.
“What are you so desperate to reclaim?”
The voice of the hunter, Theo, startled him. Looking at the man, a glare covered his previous thoughts.
“I might ask the same of you. From what my memories as Kespin tell me, you are nothing more than a mercenary for non-humans and magic users. A petty thug coated in the fear of the unknown.”
With such a direct insult, Theo puffed up as his pride demanded justice.
“Midgard was fine when everything else left us alone! The Gods blessed us and protected us and then they were killed. Suddenly, jotun, elves and all manner of destruction followed Ragnarok. What I hope to reclaim is peace and safety for my people.”
Mimir listened with a calm look, letting the hunter finish his rant. When Theo had got his point across, the elder being moved to stand inches from the others face.
“I’m not sure if you even know who your people are.”
This was the final straw, a bellow of rage coming from Theo.
Mimir knew full well that his comment would bring an attack and was prepared. The first fist was easily dodged, followed by several of his own to Theo’s gut. As Theo stumbled back from the counter attack, Mimir sent a final kick to his chest that sent him flying.
Taking his time to reach the beaten man, Mimir knelt beside his foe and spoke with a low but firm voice.
“You have spent your life killing from the shadows. Any being worthy of Valhalla gives his foe honor, no matter the feud. You are no man of justice. You are a slayer of the innocent and weak, of women and children. Shameful.”
Leaving Theo to recover, Mimir went on his way to join the others.

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