The thoughts of a fool

Balar stepped up to the bow of the vessel, watching as it sliced soundlessly through the mist. He turned to look at the undead captain and decided that it was best not to converse with the bewitched crew. The glassy eyes of the captain staired back at him unblinking.

Tiella had remained near the port rails. She was quiet and a little distant but Balar could understand that. With what she had been through he had expected her to come back half crazed or possessed. Thank Odin for small mercies.

He spied Luna then with her new pet Raven. He could not help but dislike the bird though he knew not why. It was as if the creature struck a nerve within in, some unamed memory or fear. Those beady black eyes made him shiver. Pull yourself together man. He chided himself as he approached the elf girl.

"Luna," he forced a smile keeping his eyes from the Raven, "I have acted the fool, can you forgive me?"

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