Hel just broke loose

Eryk thought they had the upper until Cali screamed her command.
Seeing both artifacts, his eyes widened in horror at the sight of Tiella moving to attack Balar. His patience broke at the sight, this witch was turning his friends against eachother and it would not stand.
“Hel! Face my fury, for I will purge you from this world!”
Seeing the ice elf move in, Eryk pushed his own attack to try and overwhelm the possessed necromancer.
Dyvia tried to gauge where best she could be of use, eyeing the hunter Theo still combating what remained of the crew.
She sneered at the man and looked to Luna, who was protecting Tiella from hurting the others. She ran to her side and held her hammer ready. Two draugr made to stop the elf’s magic, but were smashed by the thoroughly pissed dwarf.
“When will catch a break eh?”
Mimir looked in astonishment as Hel turned the tide of battle once more, now sending Olin and Tiella to attack.
He was relieved to see Tiella restrained for the moment, though that left a powerful shaman to be dealt with.
He remembered the use of the talisman, a binding force that did not allow disobedience. The elder sighed as he levitated himself to meet the younger.
“Olin. Do not make me fight you. There has to be a way out of your servitude.”
He held no hope for a peaceful ending, but prayed to whatever powers were left for a chance.

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