Bad to Worse

Olin was not home at the moment being a conduit of power and overwhelmed by the will of another. Olin sent a blast of air fast and hard enough that it one could see it rippling in the air as it crashed through the rain diverting the cannonball away from his mistress.

He protected his mistress just enough because her next command was a complex and difficult one. With one hand he lifted them from the ship, encased in swirling vortex, as it crumbled and sank letting the pair duel it out given he couldn’t at the moment separate them himself.

Oline with his other hand moved leaving traces of blue magical ruins hanging in the air, thinking the air with magic the storm growing more and more ferocious. Several tornados touched down around the ship turning in massive water spouts erratically moving around the ship, lighting, and thunder booming as Olin worked his mistresses will.

The water started to swirl creating the beginning of a whirlpool as the water started to churn and bubbled. It grew more and more violent before the water frothing as it started glowing green, bright light shining up from the seafloor before bodies of the living dead clawed there way up to the surface.

Olin had opened a gate to hell right underneath the ship and it Denzins were coming to their mistresses aid. That also meant the water and my proxy everyone clinging to the shattered ship was slowly being drawn into the open gate as well the water spinning into a whirlpool draining into Hel’s domain.

The wind whipped around Cali and Varan with a thunderous, animal-like roar as Varan locked her hands to Cali’s, the two powerful stones trapped between them. But despite the breaking wood and torrential rains, the ice elf… half elf… still felt more power surging through her than she could experience in ten lifetimes. Slowly she could feel her feet rising from the deck of the sinking ship. The force trying to separate the two grew stronger. Ice snaked from Varan’s hands around Cali’s, Quickly it crept up Cali’s arms and down her own until the two were encased in a glacial chrysalis. The demigoddess cackled, pricking Varan’s ears with magic words the half elf couldn’t comprehend. Obsidian tendrils surrounded the frozen tomb, building layer upon layer, a test of strength and will with neither backing down.

Cali’s shadows coiled around Varan’s neck, and around her chest like a boa constrictor, threatening to squeeze the air from her lungs, to crush her body, but though Varan could feel the pressure of them, no further harm came to the half elf. From deep within her back she could feel a rumbling of sorts, as if shards of bone were rearranging themselves. No, she realized. Not bone — Varan leaned her head back and screamed as a shard of metal tore through her lungs and chest, plunging itself straight into the heart of the woman she was fighting. Something flickered in Cali’s eyes before she let out a scream of her own. Her shadow tendrils turned to white hot basalt, cracking huge fissures in the ice. A second shard followed the first, and the witch’s face grew ashen, her youthful guise giving way to something more haggard. As a third metal shard pierced the witch’s heart, the icy tomb encasing them exploded. Free from the ice, the two women grapled, falling towards the open gate, Cali commanding Olin’s assistance.

Olin dove down to reach his mistress grabbing her just before hitting the waters. He clung to her as the current of the whirlpool dragged them both down even with his skill he was finding it more than difficult to fight his way back up above the water.

Cali/Hella nails dung into Olin skin refusing to let herself be parted from her beloved toy. She already knew between the force of the water, the vast magic Olin had already expended it was a futile effort. They were going down and she was going to ensure he went with her. At least then she wouldn’t be alone.

Varan hit the water, expecting the plunge to be deadly, her fist tightly clutched around the spoils of battle. Still imbued with the elixir, survived with not even a scratch despite the distance of the fall. Her eyes desperately searched for Olin, for anyone, but the rough seas were full of the dead and dying, giant swells of water making it impossible to see. Someone, or rather, something grabbed her ankle, dragging her beneath the surface. She half hoped it was Olin, Baylor, one of the others, but through the murky depths, she could see it was one of the Drauger. An ice claw made short work of the creature, and she bobbed back to the surface.

The panacea still flowed freely through her body. Infused with its power, Varan put her free hand out open on the rough water’s surface. The turbulent water surrounding her became still as glass, and with a flick of her wrist, raised her above the waves, icing over enough for her to stand atop the wake. Glacial footprints formed beneath her feet with each step. “Olin!” She called. “BALAR? Fire and Ashes!” She walked atop the water as simply as it were snow, looking for her teammates, holding fast to the two gems. “Tiella! Half-Elf, worthy of love and burial! Show yourselves!” She opened her palm to reveal both gemstones, before securing them in her tote for safekeeping.

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