Utter chaos. Freezing water. The sounds of battle. Balar found himself dragged to and fro helpless against the brutal forces at play. Several times he was plucked from the depths by unnatural power summoned forth by his companions.

At last he grasped the raft formed by reborn Mimir and dragged himself atop its frosty surface. We're all his friends destined for such transformations? Was he?

To his relief Tiella was already aboard. She sat, her knees stacked into her chest. She was shivering and he moved to join her. It was clear from the look she gave him that what ever madness the witch had stirred up in her was a passing thing. She forced a smile and leaned into him as he put a sodden arm around her shoulder.

Luna is appeared was unconscious and being cared for by the dwarf Dim. Dyvia sat nearby watching the pair warily.

Splashing and the sound of gasping breaths gave warning of Theo and the Jotun as they swam up to the raft. Theo clambered aboard with little effort but after several attempts to clamber aboard Erik was forced to swim behind them as they floated ever closer to the shore.

They remained weary and silent as they made their way through the mist towards the dark shadow of land ahead. The breakers began to rock the makeshift ice raft but Erik who was the able to stand grasped them firmly and prevented a capsize.

As the mists parted, a sandy beach was revealed and on it stood a wild eyed Varan and Olin sitting at her feet his features distant and haunted.

Caligari was nowhere to be seen.

OFF: And I'm back. Welcome to Vanaheim.

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