From the depths of Hell - Part I

“Olin!” Varan called again, starting to lose hope, the sea was rough, the waves as big as walls. “Cali! Show yourself, demoness! Face me!” The words were lost to the raging sea, as death and broken bodies surrounded her, but ice elves, even half breed ones - were loathe to give up so easily. “OLIN! WHERE ARE YOU!” She roared.

A shadowy bubble? Bubble - started to rise above the crested waves, catching her eye. “Olin!” He was alive, and … in … some sort of trap. “What fresh hell is this?” Varan cried, diving through the water, her eyes locked on Cali. She swam faster than she thought possible, thanks to the elixir. “Olin! Don’t give up!” The water as if on command vaulted her upwards enough to extend an ice claw, deftly slashing the balloon sending the two down into the depths of the frozen water, again, Drauger pulling, clawing at the three as they plunged down towards the open rift. Varan found herself again struggling against Cali’s tendrils, and she shot a pleading look towards the mage.

Olin was a glowing blue star between the two women. His eyes, verine even his blood was shining under his pale skin. With the stream of magic flowing from Hella, Olin was little more than a conduit with little awareness other than what his Mistress was commanding of him.

Still, this was a lot of sustained magic for someone, even of Olin’s caliber to put out. He was still mortal and it was starting to take its toll.

Even beneath the surface of the water, Varan could hear Cali’s primal screaming as they were sucked downwards in a spiral, a vortex which was sweeping up everything in it’s path. Varan slashed, clawed and bit to free herself as faster and faster they spun. Cali’s screaming turned to a macabre laugh. But it wasn’t Varan’s day to die.

Towards the funnel of the vortex the trio spin violently as the fought. Olin unfortunately trapped in the center between the man glowing bright enough make an onlooker wince, and the two women going at it like wild cats it was to the shock of everyone one the something exploded. The light was nothing short of blinding and the water swirls violently with the dead, magic and light.

The storm ceases as if it had never been and Varen found herself ejected high into the air from the waters. She was given a lovely few of calm blue skies and a mild Ocean as gravity reclaimed her. Varen was not yet aware of the prize in her hand at the moment given she had bigger worries.

The half-ice elf swam until she could wade, headed for the shore, hoping against hope to find Olin there as well, only to find herself alone on the inlet.

“OLIN!” she cried, splashing back out waist deep in the icy water. “No, no , no, don’t be gone!” Being close to him for that short bit of time just made being apart from him hurt all the worse. She wasn’t sure what hold it was, nor did she care, but being ripped from him, the thought of never having that feeling again was almost too much to bear. She shouted towards the depth of the ocean in despair. “Olin! Come back! You hear me? You come back!”

Olin drifted in the waters feel sand of the bottom hit him. He was tired, drained, everything hurt and his limbs felt like stone. Hell he wasn’t even sure what the hell just happened!

Come back.

Online fingers twitched and he cracked open his eyes.

You hear me? You come back!

~I hear you.~ Olin thought. His limb moved stiffly as he lamely kicked-off. What little magic he had left help him float up a riot of bubble help carry him to the surface. He gasped a lungful of air as he bobbed like a cork before floundering and sinking again. Yea he was that tired!

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