The Jotun at the shore

Heaving his form out of the sea, Erik looked to see Theo do the same. The man collapsed on his back and lay there, gasping for air through chattering teeth.
Although frigid himself, the chill was lost as a dull determination came to him. Lifting his hammer to stand over the recovering Olin, his anger rumbled from his chest.
“Your witch. Did she live?”
Mimir watched as everyone gathered, Dyvia joining those tending to Luna. He went to aid the shivering Theo, getting him up and out of the water.
“My thanks.”
Theo didn’t look at his helper when he spoke, simply shrugging him off after and quickly occupying his thoughts with looking for wood.
This left the elder being available to confront the jotun.
“Erik calm yourself! Olin was a slave to the hags will. Just as Tiella was.”
The giants face contorted in a fit of anger.
“Slave my ass! They have been all over each other since we left Hel, whispering in each other's ears! How was she able to bind Tiella to her will?”
Whether the man could hear him or not, Erik smashed the hammer beside Olin and roared at him.
“Does your witch still live?!”

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