Dim miscommunicates

"How is she?"

Dim shrugged and Luna's poorly supported head bobbed up and down. Her eyes fluttered open as he replied: "She alive but cold and asleep." He looked down and saw the elf begin moving, looking bewildered, and evidently trying to escape his hold. She was apparently either so tired or so physically weak, he'd not noticed she was attempting to break free of him.

His face lit up in a wide grin. Inside his head, his mind was working as fast as it could. Girl is very tired and very cold. It better if I carry her. I warmer and girl less tired! But she scared now! Must tell girl she safe and that I will carry her and she should not fear!

This thought process took several long moments, during which Dim kept his wide grin plastered on his face, did not break eye contact with Luna, and did not relinquish his grip on the increasingly struggling elf. Then he opened his mouth and bellowed in her face:


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