Shadows power

She quietly realized it was Dim holding her and his grin was creepy. She was quickly starting to recover. By the time he yelled in her face she put her palm up and sent a ball some shadow magic into his. It would not be enough to harm Dim but it should startle him enuff for her to get free and to her feet. “thank you for saving me but I’m fine now and quit yelling in people faces.” She said glaring at a likely confused Dim. It was clear he would have to learn the hard way that Luna could not be predicted and was determined to protect and stand on her own.

That’s about the time shadow chimed in. “ you need friends and can not do everything alone” Luna turned to glare at shadow.

“ watch me “ she snap at him. This of ours sent shadow to Balar for help.

“She Hears me not but perhaps you and your words she will hear” he said before disappearing.

Lol I can even enter more Dim is epically hilarious.

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