Behind these eyes

The creature that was now Tiella released her new husband. New to her anyhow. She had been enjoying the warmth of his embrace, his affection even. She still held the memories of the dead woman, the feelings she had harboured for this rough warrior. She welcomed them as part of her new reality.

He had not questioned her behaviour back on the ship, though no doubt those questions would come. Unlike the mage she had acted out of fear not compulsion. The display of her own talisman, the stone that held the soul of the true Tiella, had been a shock. There had been little choice for her but to obey the witch.

She watched with interest as the towering Erik strode from the water to demand answers of the mystic Olin. She supposed that she would be next and decided the best tactic was to remain silence to feign ignorance. A lapse of memory perhaps.

There was a small release of magical power nearby and she turned to see Luna, now free of the Dwarfs embrace she was berating the confused creature. Gods the girl was a liability using magic to scold the dwarf. Such casual use of such immense power. She shook her head smiling as fond feelings rose up from the woman she had once been. Tiella had grown to care for the elven runaway... almost as a daughter. She shook her head.

It was the sharp caw of the raven that brought her back to herself. The bird had come to perch upon a nearby branch and sat preening its feathers. Luna had taken the creature not knowing what it was and was keeping it as a pet of sorts. She had even named it...she giggled quietly to herself as the raven eyed her and cawed again in protest.

"Brother." she sent her thoughts to the bird.

"Sister." came the response.

"What news?" she asked.

"The witch is gone. Dead beneath the waves or fled from this realm."

"The latter I think." she replied.

"Agreed." with another loud caw the raven flew down to land upon the shoulder of Luna.

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