Rest & Regroup

The lights were on, barely, more like dimly … but no one was home. Seemed no one appreciated the magical spectacle he had created AND ended. Nor did it seem that in spite of him saying it MULTIPLE times how he was bound to whoever held his stone seems to have been already forgotten by the giant. Olin blinked woozily glassy eyes and unfocused.

“Does your witch still live?!” The giant asked. Varan grit her teeth and clenched her hand into a tight fist, the hair on the back of her neck standing up as she stepped in front of Olin.

“He needs rest.” Varan snarled. “And he need not answer to the likes of you, Giant.” She wouldn’t say that she’d ‘wasted’ the elixir fighting Cali, but all it did was prolong the inevitable. Ice elves, even half ice elves fought giants. Giants killed ice elves. Natural order. “If you’re looking to fight someone, look no further, otherwise, mind your tone.”

((Joint post, Winters & Blitzen))

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