Tweet Tweet you Giant Mother******

Olin twitched his limbs felt heavy and loaded down but he lifted it regardless to give his opinion on the matter since speaking would be too much and effort. Ungrateful dead brained idiot. Olin was not it the mood. So it was made clear with the rude gesture he gave the giant.

“Rest,” she said warmly, nodding her head towards the mage. “Conjuring that much magic, you’ll need to regain your strength. And we’ll need a new plan. The ship was going to take us to Asgard. It appears that option has sank.” The half elf and her beloved had survived, along with the full elf and her nursemaid, the two dwarves, everyone in fact except Cali -- Cali, the beautiful demon demigoddess who was dragged down beneath the surface of -- Varan shuddered to think where.

Olin gave what could hardly be called a nod but he was wiped. To the point even being half-frozen wasn’t enough to wake him. The problems of their quest would wait. At least for Olin, until he woke and recovered some. He could rest easier knowing his mistress was near, odd how in this short time he had changed hands so quickly yet he had not suffered the treatment he normally received (sans the giant but no one cared about that, least of all Olin!) so honestly didn’t mind much. Mostly because he felt his new mistress would not turn into Queen of the flipping Underworld.

Woof. Cali must be PISSED she lost the stone to Varan. He hoped they didn’t encounter her for a good long while.

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