Fatigue by the Sea

Both gestures from the shaman and his new consort made Erik’s temper ever more violent. He refrained from swatting the weakened Olin out of knowing his predicament better than many.
“I do not seek a fight bloodthirsty one, nor do I sell myself to the feud you had with my kin. If Cali lives, she is a threat to us all and I for one would like to rest without thinking one of our own will kill us against their will!”
His fury was great, but his body demanded rest. Turning away from the issue, he made some distance before sitting on the rocky shore to ease his aching muscles.
Mimir looked back at the now calm waters, looking to see any activity. Not only did this task keep his mind off of the many questions and worries forming, but it took his focus away from his own fatigue.
Dyvia was glad to see Lily awake and well, though was upset to see her walk off with her seemingly worsening isolation.
Guessing that going after her wouldn’t be the best right now, she turned her attention to Dim.
“So who dropped you as a babe, eh? You don’t seem to know anything about personal space.”

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