Hearing Dyvia speak, Tiella looked up. The alien soul within her pulsed with an inner yearning. But a short time ago she had known only darkness and the warmth of the she-dwarfs womb. She had been with her brother, eagerly awaiting the new birth that had been promised. Thought and Memory would fly together once more on the winds of fate.

But like many a new birth it had been a troubled time and things had not gone to plan. The wrath of the half-elf she now possessed coupled with the impossible addition of shadows blade. That was not a thing foretold, it had been a thing of chaos.

She could not help but look upon Dyvia as a mother of sorts. She felt fiercely protective for the dwarf as she knew did her Raven twin. Silently she stood and moved to sit besides Dyvia sharing a warm smile with the Dwarf while they sat waiting for the men and their wood.

"I am not sure whether to be offended by the fact they seem to believe woman can not find kindling or quietly relieved that they are happy to go about the task without us." she shared with a small smile.

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