Luna paices near the others and the shoreline. Something was definitely off about the elf sence she had woken again. Those who did not know magic my have thought she was angry with Dim. That gess would not be to far off because she was he did scream in her face. But that’s not what was bothering her. The tendrils of shadow magic that seamed to follow her footprints were a goof clew as to what was going on.

Her magic raged through her uncontrolled making her resales. Keeping her from calming. That magic had been slowly getting stronger day by day sence she had met her friends. However with the distraction of her Staff there was nothing to help control that magic and it was on the verge of controlling her. Her mind raced as she paced. She was worryed about hurting her friend. She also felt afraid and more alone then ever could she tell them what was going on? Would they understand or kick her out.

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