Odd Talk

Dyvia was startled by Tiella’s statement. While said with the same warmth and attitude, it was an odd thing for her to say.
“I believe it best that everyone has some time to themselves, plus you have to remember Balar thought you dead. That’s quite a bit of strife to reconcile with.”
Looking into her eyes, Dyvia felt a sense of unease. They were Tiella’s, but something was off about them. Maybe it was her revival, one couldn’t remain the same after such an event.
“I for one am glad for a bit of rest. Unless some other ancient deity has a bone to pick with us, I think we ought to camp here tonight.”
Theo had scrounged a fair pile of wood, starting a small blaze to dry off their clothes. While feeding the fire, his mind mulled over his confrontation with Mimir.
The man hadn’t left his vigil at the coast, his form rigid and his face distant.
Do you know who you are?
It was a truth he wasn’t ready to face. Not yet.
Instead he sought out Luna, noting that she still hadn’t come back, as well as a dark aura around her.
“You need to warm yourself. You’re no use to your friends cold and sullen.”

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