Fire Side

Dyvia was quick to try and comfort Luna. True the girl often acted recklessly, but she could remember a time when she was more hotheaded herself. Hel, it wasn’t that long ago at all.
As for the magic, she was wary of being so close to Luna.
“We all seem to be having our own chaos love, don’t worry about it. Based on what’s been happening with many of us, it seems you will have a transformation of your own.”
Looking for a small amount of comedy, she saw the stoic Mimir.
“And if the loon is any indication of the results, I would say you don’t have much to worry about.”
Theo had become very uncomfortable after Luna sat near him. He had hoped she would sit with the rest of her group, but no, she had sat next to him.
Not only that, but now there was a heart to heart happening between the elf and the dwarf. Two races he had a particular...dislike for.
He couldn’t see Balar anywhere and Olin (thank the gods) was still laying down. That left Erik and Mimir as possible escapes.
Probably just Mimir.
“I, uh, I’m going to see what’s holding him up.”
Taking his leave without leaving too quickly, he made his way to the man.

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