"I can’t control my own magic Dyvia I could hurt you any of you at any moment”

"It's true!" Varan sniped, keeping herself well away from the fire and from the full elf who was hopping around like a swarm of fire ants dropped down her panties.

The giant was off sulking by the rocks, be a shame if one of them happened to cave in his skull, she thought with a small laugh.

With the elixir was wearing off, and the sharp pains beneath her skin were constant reminders of previous mistakes, and Varan was none to keen on repeating history. Instead, she sank onto the frozen sand next to Olin, who was still out cold from being so overextended. Gingerly she brushed a few rogue hairs from his forehead, hoping he wouldn't be that affected by the cold. "Shhh... rest--" she cooed under her breath. "We'll figure everything out soon enough." They still needed to somehow get to the Bifrost, though the reason why was becoming less and less clear to the half elf. The elixir was definitely wearing off.

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