Let Sleeping Skratti Lie

"What can your ice magic do I have to say it's beautiful and impressive ” the full elf prattled. Varan wore the same look as if she stepped in fresh animal droppings with the intrusion. Olin still lay unconscious, his head resting on the half elf's lap as she gently ran chilled fingers through his braided hair.

"Only half as such of an ice elf," Varan replied without boast. That is -- it was, until it was tainted by shadows. Survival depended on controlling ice magic, and survival was the best incentive/ teacher for learning any craft- it'd kept her alive and out of the cook pots and roasting spits. But that was neither here nor there. "I do not need your flattery after all that's transpired between us. And even if I did -- I have no say what anyone, especially Olin does or does not do." She refrained from telling the full breed elf what happened to anyone in her village who couldn't get hold of their magics. "He needs his rest. Ask him yourself when he recovers."

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