Dim's indignation

In the wake of Luna leaving Dyvia's company, Dim idled up to the dwarf woman from the other side. He could move more quietly than his physique betrayed, and it would be difficult to hear him approach from behind. They both stood watching the emotionally damaged elf for a moment, the only sound the gentle rushing of the water and muted conversations. Then Dim spoke aloud so suddenly it made Dyvia jump. "That girl crazy! I pull girl from water, I keep girl warm, I carry girl around, I give comfort when girl scared, and she zap me with magic! Look at my nose!" It was true: though not exactly injured, his nose looked dark and blotchy like it was bruised all over, although the minute amounts of shadow magic were seeping out and dissipating as they spoke. "She not my girl for sex anymore!" He crossed his arms with comically exaggerated indignity and sat down on the sand with a "hmph!"

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