Chances are Good

Tiella listened to the plight of Dim with interest. The creature within her knew a great deal about memory after all. Perhaps, should the opportunity present itself she could ease the dwarfs burden somewhat, but for now to act would draw unwanted suspicion. She realised that Dyvia had asked her a question and turned to face her..

"Our chances? To find the chariot of Freya and make our way to Asgard... to sit upon the throne of the All Father and seek the doom of Fenrir Godsbane... then after all that to escape the clutches of the Harlequin and return home?"

She gazed into the Dwarfs eyes for a long moment before giving a small smile, "I think out chances are very good."

The were interrupted by Balar returning to the makeshift camp with an armload of kindling.

"There you are!" he called over to Dim with a grin, "One minute I am talking to you and the next you have disappeared into the night like flaming shadow!"

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