Varan shifted as far away from the flames as she could get, while still keeping Olin close to them, humans, Skratti needed warmth, especially after all he had been through.

Olin stirred a bit the warmth warming his frozen bones some. The Skratti cracked an eye still exhausted. “Hey … I’m alive ... “ He said murmured his voice a thin rasp. “...hooray.”

Varan ran her fingers through his braided hair, and offered him a sip of water from a leather canteen. “Thankfully. Are you thirsty? You’ve been asleep for some time.”

Olin nodded, he was parched so badly it almost hurt. “How long?”

“Over a day.” She replied, bringing the canteen to his lips. “You needed your rest, still do in fact. Shhhh, just you relax.”

Olin took a few deep swallows, the water was ice cold but his throat hurt so he didn’t mind too much. He almost forgot he needed to breathe before pulling back to take a breath. “Did everyone make to shore?” At least he was pretty sure they were onshore.

“Almost.” Varan admitted. “The full elf is down the shore some. Both dwarves. The other half elf and her mate, the Jotunn--” She scowled as if she’d stepped in something steamy. “Everyone except one.”

“Hela … She went back to her realm.” Olin said with a slight nod.

“Taking Cali . I’m so sorry, I did try to save her, and… you.” Varan replied, wishing she could spare him the pain of losing his beloved.

“Oh there was no saving her. That is a battle only she can fight and I think she … to my understanding… literally, bite off more than she could chew.” Olin tried to explain. “It’s complicated. But the throne did not… cannot? Or will not? Still not sure… remain empty for long. Ugh… it makes my head hurt.” He said with a sigh his eye drooping closed for a moment. “She’s where she needs to be.” He said with whatever confidence he could muster.

“As are you.” The half ice elf responded. “Regretfully still no closer to Asgard, but the second dwarf brought dreamroot. Perhaps it will help us imagine a new way to find what we are looking for.”

Olin cracked an eye wider. “Somehow I don’t see that ending well … you sure it’s dreamroot … kinda looks like Psilocybe?” Olin said squinting.

“Genuinely curious.” Varan responded, offering him a second drink. “Genuinely.”

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