Hunting Party

For both jotunn and dwarf, sleep was a poor experience. Both twisted and turned in their sleep, reliving their own personal nightmares until the weak rays of morning gave them peace at last. Dim's declaration brought hunger to their minds and guts, though Erik was the one to take up his offer.
"I will join you dwarf, it would do well to get a grasp of the land."
Dyvia went to get more wood for the fire, quiet and focused in her endeavor.
Theo did not sleep, the inner turmoil demanding his attention louder than his weary body. After Mimir had left to partake in the drug the dwarf had shared, Theo had stared at the oddly calm waters for some time. He did not know what the root was called, but had seen its use in a few brothels. He did not need that kind of trip.
He had spent much of the night walking around their camp, getting a general sense of the environment. The beach they had come to was largely blocked from the rest of the land by sheer cliff faces, though he had found several paths allowed passage up.
Dim's offer drew him from his sulking and although cautious with being near Erik again, he joined them silently.

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