The sleep had been welcome, if not the drug induced nightmare that had proceeded. Balar woke and began to work of stretching old aches and injuries out into a tolerable dull discomfort. Since the destruction of his life stone that had once bound his aged body to that of his ever youthful half-elf wife, he had began to feel the ravages of a warriors life upon his body.

Tiella handed him a water-skin and he drank deeply, before handing it back with a smile of thanks. She was seated nearby her gaze fixed on the elf girls new pet Raven. It was strange, at times she seemed almost mesmerized by the creature and it by her. Luna lay next to her, eyes closed and hair falling to obscure her youthful face.

Looking around he saw that several of the party were missing. Dyvia, the Jotun, the bandit and Dim were nowhere to be seen. The man who had once been Kespin still slept off his visions and was snoring gently.

Olin and the half-elf Varan were also sat apart in deep conversation and Balar decided it was time to build some bridges there. With a grunt he heaved himself to his feet and made his way to stand next to them.

"Are you both well?" he asked gruffly, "It was a rough swim to this shore and tough battle before we were forced to it."

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