Tiella walked back into the common room to see the elf girl being harassed by several of the drunken mercenaries. She growled under her breath and walked up to Balar who was still glaring at the inns entrance. For a moment she thought she caught a strange smell in the air, something familiar and unpleasant, she shrugged it off as she shoved the axe into Balars hand.

“Here take this and sort that out will you.”

Balar grunted as he took the weapon and then looked over to see the situation developing over by the window. One of the louts had just tipped his ale over the elf girls table and she was trying to walk away from him.

“Oh crap.” He cursed and made his way over.

Tiella made to follow but then an odd feeling caused her to turn. A sense of movement against the flow of the room, a shifting of shadow, and something else. The music, the music had stopped. She smiled grimly as she trained her eye on the bar. Oh he was good, very good.

She walked over carefully, ignoring the commotion with the elf, Balar would deal with that. And there he was. There was a soft click and a satisfied grunt as the inns lock box snapped open to reveal the days takings. She smiled as she remembered the thrill of a successful theft, she and Balar has been forced to steal to survive in a former life and she had to remind herself that the bastard was stealing her money.

She hesitated for just a moment before placing her hand on his shoulder. If this went wrong there was always the dagger. He turned to look up at her,

“You play well master bard, take twenty silver and leave the rest and my husband need be none the wiser.”

There was a flash of light at the other side of the inn and she whirled with a curse. The stupid elf girl had used magic, some kind of shield spell in front of an inn crammed with ignorant drunks. They would have her hanging from a tree by the nights end.
She glanced back at the would be theif with a wry grin and she drew her dagger.

“I’ll make you a deal, you keep the bloody box and everything in it if you help keep this rabble from tearing my inn apart.”

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