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JP with Winters and Blitzen

Varan nodded a greeting to the dwarf introducing herself. “Varan,” she replied, “half-ice elf, hunter of giants.” The ice-half-elf turned her attention back to Balar. “You don’t know the half of it,” she groused, as she offered Olin another sip from the canteen. They’d stayed far enough from the fire for Varan’s comfort, enough to escape the smoke of the dream root the dwarf brought forth. “I’m well, Olin exhausted himself with the tribulations. And blood and ashes - Cali…” She shook her head. “Still no closer to Asgard, to the throne, and they’ll be coming soon.”

Olin gave a wishy-washy motion with a hand. "That was a significant magic used back there and … I won't bore you with the details but she did a hell of a number. However I'm sure she is happy where she is now and less likely to come back and haunt us anytime soon." Olin paused for a moment. "Other than that still exhausted."
“How is your half elf? -- Tiella?” Varan asked, looking over to the woman. She was preoccupied with the crow belonging to the full elf. “She looks remarkably well, is she feeling as such?”
"Didn't she die?" Olin asked quirking an eyebrow. "She did die right? And yet no one is worries here?"
“I thought that was Cali’s doing?” Varan asked, breaking herself from the trance of Olin’s sing song, hypnotic voice.

"What raising Tiella from the dead? No. Most definitely not. Not saying such a thing is completely impossible but doing it on the fly even with the power of a god would be impossible." Olin explained.

Varan tilted her head to the side and sighed as he spoke. “Have you noticed anything unusual?” She asked Balar.

Olin too turned looking to Balar for an answer.

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