Dim has a brilliant idea

Dim looked off in the distance. His face was screwed up, and Theo and Erik could practically hear the gears turn in the dwarf's head.

"So, people..." he began slowly.

He knelt down and traced the footsteps in the soft patch of earth. "...that live here..."

He looked from Theo, to Erik, back to Theo, back to Erik. "...and think we safe. But... if they live here..."

He looked into the distance again. Did he see some flickering light there? Or was it just wind in the trees?

"...people give food if we ask nice!" he concluded with a wicked grin, and before either Erik or Theo could stop him, he started sprinting deeper into the forest, bellowing at the top of his lungs, causing birds to fly up from tree tops. "YOO HOO! NICE PEOPLE!! CAN US BORROW FOOD?! HUNGRY!!"

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