The Hidden Sting

Balar let his gaze drift between the half elf and the spell caster as he considered the question. He should answer no. He should assure them that everything was fine. She had been dead and now she was alive and well and... well that was the kind of the point wasn't it. She had been dead and now everything was fine?

He knew better. The worlds did not work that way. Fate always held a hidden card, cruel twist to sour the joy of victory. Something was wrong and he knew it was wrong because everything was right.

"What a head fuck." he grumbled to himself and looked up at the surprised and confused faces of his companions.

"Sorry, just thinking out loud." he shrugged, "Everything seems fine." he glanced back towards Tiella and saw that Luna was now rousing from her sleep. Slowly he turned back toward the pair with a frown.

"...what am I missing?"

Distant shouts echoed from the treeline. It sounded like the Dwarf crying out and then the others...what was happening. Balar stood, his question forgotten for the moment. Gods he missed his axe.

"We better see what's wrong." he began to jog towards the trees motioning the others to follow.

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