To the Trees

With the party gradually waking, Mimir was the last to rouse from sleep. He felt rested, but not content. No dreams had come to him after the root's effects had worn off and for this he was grateful, but it was a hollow rest.
He opened his eyes to see the others rousing as if to travel, with some distant yells probably being the source of their interest. Taking a quick headcount, he noted those missing. Jotun, hunter, male and female dwarf.
As if on cue, Dyvia returned with a sizable bundle of driftwood. Seeing everyone getting ready to move, she tossed the wood down with a resigned sigh and began packing what little she had. He noted her glances to the bird that hovered around Luna, definitely a subject that would be brought up later.
As for Olin and Varan, he was quite surprised to see them still with the group. While he wasn't sure if they had a place to go, the current dynamic was proving to be tense. By journeys end, they would most likely be losing them or the jotun.
Pushing this from his mind, he focused on current needs. They needed supplies, most of it being lost in the vortex. Dusting off the dirt and sand, he walked over to the old warrior and looked to the forest.
"Balar, are we expecting an attack?"

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