In the Green

Theo froze at the sight of the magic rich area they had found. He cautiously looked around them to see if there was any sign that they had been seen.
“Dwarf, if there is any sense in that rock solid skull of yours, you will turn around and head back to the others.”
Hearing the voices concerned him even more. If these were children, then either they had found a land free of danger and a veritable paradise( not likely) or the ones who guarded them kept the place free of danger( more likely).
Guessing that they were being watched and tested, he took a step back with extreme care and followed it with the other. He got to the third when a soft thud made him lose all hope.
Jotun were many things. Stealthy was not one of them.
Even with Erik doing his best to be quiet, just the sound of the bending boughs was a cacophony in the idyllic calm they had stumbled upon.
Theo cursed under his breath. He heard rustling in the nearby brush and readied his blade to be unsheathed.
“Who is there? If I speak to a guardian of this place, then know that we mean no harm.”

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