Tir Na Nog

“We are not here to fight you, but we will defend ourselves if necessary. We seek Odins Throne”

Balar tensed as the elf girl released her shadow magic into the forest about them. Her voice was amplified with eldritch power and his skin tingled as the dark force grew about her. It was clear that she was not in full control of this magic.

Their assailants however did not retreat or react in any visible way. They remained silent with their weapons trained upon the group. All that was but one of their number who lowered his spear with a great peal of laughter. The lad was dark haired and taller than most of his kin. His golden eyes shone with mirth as he stepped forward.

"You seek the throne of the All Father?" he called out in a magically amplified voice to match the Lunas. He snapped his fingers and the ring of shadows froze mid dance. "This is Vanaheim and you are trespassing within Tir Na Nog, the Valley of the Elder Fey. It would appear that you are hopelessly lost."

He snapped his fingers again and the shadows shattered into grey mist and vanished. He eyed Luna then with interest, cocking his head to one side.

"You are not a true dark elf young one, but you will do. Follow me." he waved toward he beach dismissively, "Others have been sent to bring your companions along. They will not be harmed unless they seek violence. Come."

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