Stepping Out...

Tiella blinked as she stepped through into the garden paradise of the Fey. She had been almost certain that the waters would reject her and prove her falsehood but instead she had slipped through without incident. Absently she wondered what truths the waters sought and what might cause them to reject a traveller. A riddle for another day perhaps.

"What's on your mind?" Balar asked as he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. The Fey were still surrounding them, but their weapons were now lowered.

"Oh nothing, just taking it all in." she smiled at her husband. Strange that she thought of him that way. The memories and feelings of Tiella were still here in this body and she found it very easy to slip into them like a familiar cloak. In many ways after the long sleep of death which she and her brother had endured this new person she had become was more real than the old.

At the thought of her brother he appeared flying into the clearing as if from nowhere. She smiled in greeting as his new "owner" appeared beside him. Oh Luna if only you knew.

Soon the others were arriving, the ancient Mimir, Dyvia the she dwarf who had birthed the twin souls of thought and memory into their new life. The Jotun Erik appeared looking around him with suprise and suspicion and then the outsider Theo, Mimirs would be kidnapper. That one had yet to truly show he could be trusted, but yet he was here just as she was.

Moments passed before Olin and Varan stepped through, both looking unimpressed by the current state of affairs. That left only the dwarf Dim. What was taking him?

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