All together

Mimir looked around at the field, still excited to see the Dagda. Only now did he question if this was to be a happy reunion or not. He looked to Balar and Tiella, still put off by the half elf’s presence. The answer to her change seemed so close to him, but as with many things now, they were just out of reach.
Erik and Dyvia stuck close to each other, still untrusting of their “hosts”.
“You think we have a chance if things go sour?”
Erik looked at the others, noting Dim’s absence with concern.
“If forced to fight, my hammer will do nothing against so many arrows.”
They moved closer to Balar, instinctively seeking his thoughts. Dyvia spoke, bringing up the question on both of their minds.
“Where is Dim? You don’t think they got rid of the oaf while we jumped through?”
Theo remained quiet amongst the others, still waiting for an attack to prove his instincts right. He saw Mimir’s joy in being here, he must already know these people.
Another possible issue arose as he realized that three different races of elf now stood in one place.
Ice elf, half Midgard elf, and... these ones. He realized he had never seen these before. A fact that brought new terror to his consciousness.

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