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Dim so pure

At last they came to the other side where the waterfall flowed forth into the pool and many of the Fey jumped through disappearing seemingly into the stone face beyond. The male leader of the Fey gestured for the group to do likewise.

"The falls of Tuer Lyon are the only passage through to our home. If your heart is true they will allow you to pass without hindrance."

"And if we are false?" Tiella asked nervously.

"Then the waters will judge your fate."

Tiella shrugged and was first to jump through the falls, closely followed by Balar.

"Ahaha! Dim not worried!" Dim said aloud to no one in particular. "Because Dim know that Dim heart true, because when I do this..." He put his hand on his chest. "...Dim can feel heart beat! So Dim heart true and not a lie!"

He strode up to the edge and turned to the Fey leader. "Most things alive have heart. Dim know! Dim cut open lots of things and they have heart too! So waterfall not good defense. But probably keep out undead sailor things real good!"

And roaring with laughter, he leapt through the foaming stream of water and disappeared.

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